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 In 1998 whilst studying Media Communications and Productions at college, I was introduced to Adobe Illustrator 7.0 and Photoshop 5.0. I created a line of t-shirt graphics and was awarded a start-up grant from the Prince's Trust in 2000. A couple of years later Epic Brand Clothing featured in the legendary rollerblading lifestyle magazine, Daily Bread (which back then was an actual, physical, printed magazine! :)). Using the skills learnt from designing logos, working with printers and manufacturers my first job was as a product illustrator for Netta Nymanson Accessories creating product illustrations from sketches for handbags and travel gear. Netta Hymanson provided me with advanced illustration tuition, a skill I now rely on in all tasks weather drawing an infographic in Adobe Illustrator, creating a vector mask in Photoshop or editing a text box in Indesign.


I took my first steps into web design by transferring my Weapons of Mass Creation Illustrations into Macromedia Flash and learning to produce animated websites and graphics. I was still very much engaged in freelance artwork as a graffiti artist. I completed works for Nike , New Balance, EA GAMES and Manchester City Council (see allweatherartist.com) whilst also engaging in digital work. I started designing flyers for the Sourpuss club events across the North of England on their 5th Birthday event and continued working with them until 2007, during which time I worked for a number of clients in the music business. During this period, whilst marketing a live art events in 2005, I was introduced to Geoff Thompson MBE, executive Chairman of the Youth Charter, a U.N NGO and charity.


I was asked to created an illustration of Muhammed Ali which was later presented to the legend himself and became the basis of what is now a collection of over 200 illustrations called Faces In The Crowd which featured at Liverpool City of Culture in 2008 and served to celebrate Nelson Mandela on his birthday and his following his death in 2013. I became creative lead for the Youth Charter, designing educational programs for print and deploying my flash skills to produce a multitude of interactive activities over a 6 year period. I am still a social professional  and ambassador for the charity, this means I work to pass on the same mentoring, skills and training to other young people trying to make a difference in the community or  corporate setting that I had received under Geoff Thompson.


A former colleague creating a business called Chillberries Frozen Yogurt asked me to design a logo in 2011.  From conception to completion I designed the  logo, website, all print and POS work and even the interior decor  for Chillberries to see it go on to be recognised as one of the best loved businesses in Cheshire in its first year of trading.  2 years later, I was employed by the Apple Copywriting Agency as design manager where I transferred my flash skills to HTML 5 creating an interactive company website with a team of developers and SEO copywriters, a piece of UI work that I still consider to be one of my favourites. I produced some inspiring infographics and company websites for numerous SME clients combining powerful copy with engaging design. In the year that followed I worked primarily in the field of Copy Writing and SEO , I created infographics for SEO Traffic Lab and branding for Words with Worth and Blogging Master.  I worked with Manchester Arena (SMG Europe) in producing the graffiti artwork that decorates the backstage areas celebrating Peter Saville, Tony Wilson and Alan Turing.


 8 Ball Games employed me permanently as their senior designer  for  the online casino and bingo sector after a short period of freelance work to support the marketing team. This role saw me working across all 40 of their online brands and increasing player revenue consistently via email, direct and affiliate marketing, using the extensive player data base to push traffic to newly designed gaming websites.


In 2015 I was Head of Design for Invasion.com, a student travel and events company providing cultural exchanges, weekend breaks and work placements around the World. Much of the marketing activity used social media and during my time there we increased the reach to over a million people. I designed and built  the Camp.co.uk website, incorporating an interactive map navigation and 18 new summer camp brands to populate it with. Camp.co.uk hugely increasing the amount of global destinations and activities to market to new customers and the extensive existing audience.